Older Married man

What was i even thinking, he was a married man for goodness sake! This was the thought that ran
through my mind a thousand times as i left the house to meet with him. I
closed the door behind me and walked down the path wearing nothing but a
long jacket, heels and stockings, just as he had asked for earlier in
the day. It was late in the evening the sun had just began to set
and i was on my way to meet with my secret love.

I knew it was wrong but i just couldn't control myself, i needed him
and longed for another steamy encounter just like the last. It was hard
to think of anything else besides him he was tall, rugged, with piercing
blue eyes and a charming smile to match. He was the perfect man, which
had made it easy to put the thought of him being married to the back of
mind. I walked to the end of the path and was met with a cheeky smile
as he led me to his car, we both knew where the evening was headed to
and before i knew it we were driving off into the sunset on our way to
our secret place. As he drove us into the countryside his soft hands
slipped between my inner thighs, caressing me gently as we passed
through the country roads.  

Finally after what seemed like forever the car had come to a stop, the sunset
had disappeared and had now turned into night. He lent over and pulled
me in close, pressing his lips gently against mine stopping just for a
second to tell me how much he had missed me. His hands started to wander
further, as he started to unbutton my jacket and slowly run his fingers
through my hair. My soft nipples had hardened with excitement as he
started to caress them. I put my hand on his leg slowly making my way
up to his inner thigh, his breathing became ragged as i reached between
his legs to feel him.

He rolled back his seat as far as it could go as i climbed on top of him,
sliding my jacket off onto my shoulders before letting it slip to the
floor. I sat in his lap facing him as he began to tease my nipples with
his mouth, gently nibbling at them making his way up to my neck. I
pressed myself against him feeling just how excited he was through his
jeans, my hips rocking back and forth against him. Lights flickered from
outside the fogged up windows as other drivers passed us by, the thrill
of being caught made me want it even more. I slowly unzipped his jeans
and started to rub myself against him, teasing him with my lips before
letting him enter me. He placed his hands on my hips gripping me tight,
as he pulled me down hard against him my body clamped around him like a
vice as I moved with him. 

I leaned forward pulling him hard against me as i groaned into his
ear I squeezed tightly around him, making him feel just how wet i was as
i grinded back and forth onto him. I began to move faster sliding
myself up and down every inch of him as i kissed him hard, capturing his
groans and low grunts in my mouth. My body became tense as a wave of
euphoria hit me, the need to scream was overwhelming as i felt my orgasm
building. I grabbed him by the hips and forced him deeper inside me, i
just couldn't stop myself.  At that very moment I leant into his chest
muffling my screams, exploding hard all over him as i felt him release
himself inside of me.

I collapsed into his chest exhausted gazing up at him as he kissed my
lips, we sat there for a few minutes as I put on my jacket before making
our way back to my apartment. The car soon came to a halt as we arrived
back at my door, he kissed me on the cheek to say goodnight and asked
if we could catch up again soon to which i replied with a maybe. I
stepped away from the car and  began to walk towards my door, i turned
one last time to wave goodbye before closing the door behind me.
I  stood there for a moment with a smug smile on my face thinking about
how much fun this evening was. Maybe we will catch up again soon who
knows, for now only time will tell.


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