Some nice boy 23-45yo for exchanging fantasie

And maybe later more about everything what makes us reach the strongest pleasure.
I'm Patrik, 41yo bi boy, now single
I love long petting, edging, sucking.... and i really love my partner's orgasm, often triggers mine.
I also have thing what really extremely arouses me. I love to watch my partner doing some hard physical exercise, eg. riding exercise bike. He's trying really hard and soon starts to sweat. In few minutes is his face all wet and drops of sweat running doiwn his troat an soaking in his shirt. He keeps exercising and I really like on him that he does not give up. Then he finally stops and gets off the bike. My boy is gasping and I feel he gets me so much aroused, Im getting close to him, give hime a kiss, dry out his face with towel and give big bottle with water. I compliment him for exercising so hard and tell him I want to have him right now, caress his body and slowly get him more and more aroused, loudly moaning in pleasure and finish him using my mouth and tongue. My boy is shaking in strong orgasm and cumming allover my face. I feel I'm such aroused, I'm hugging my lover and feel he still pouring sweat and i cn even smell hus body, his natural scent after such intense sweating. He just touches my dick few times and i feel incredible explosion of pleasure in my whole body and cumming flood of cum allover my sweaty boy.
Write me my dear boy
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