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Hello Guys!

If you have any ideas for new features or improvements in Fantasti.cc our team would like to know about it :) 
We will review each idea! 


  • Hi,

    Maybe a Fantasti.cc fan pic/member of the week or month.
    We love to show love by writhing the site on our bodies.
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    I would love more privacy options for uploaded and saved pictures and videos. Like, upload categories that I can set to public, fantasti members, or friends only. Same with the collections I create to save videos. When someone who is a friend views my profile, they would see a picture folder specifically dedicated to them. :)

    I'd also like more options for sorting friends and fans. Being able to create groups within my fans to better manager who I know, who wants to know me,etc etc would make it easier on communication.

    Lastly, I'd really like a new chat system. Something more user friendly with a lot less need of certain rules half the users don't know and the majority of users don't even care about. Set Private Chat/Whisper/Message to "Invite Only" automatically ... a user would then click on the username of the person they want to privately chat with and click "request private chat" and would sit in "approve, deny, or block" for the receiver in a small notification until an option is selected. This is the solution I like, at least, as it allows for those who enjoy PM to easily accept private messages, while those who don't not seem like total bitches for declining and calling out. No need to ask in the lobby after that, making the lobby public chat flow more.
  • Support,

    Great to see some site evolution. I am guessing the backbone is pretty clunky based on current web-type code, but it seems to manage pretty well, all things considered.

    I'm with Vivi on the chat engine, it works and has all the core features needed, but is getting pretty outdated.  One of the features I have seen elsewhere in Chat is self-moderation, where if no Mod is available and (say) 10 votes or 66% of those present say MrX is an arsehole, he can get booted from chat. A few more icons would not hurt, the block feature staying after a session is exited (so 'block' means BLOCK), and we also need some restraint tables and frames and sets of floggers for badly behaved Mods and Admins (Cough!! oops,.  DId I say that  ??)

    Which leads me to another self-modding possibility, which is some form of 'black marking' process for a misbehaving member.  That is, if they have recieved enough complaints inside a certain period of time, from Mods or members, they get a warning shown on their profile.  It can go away after a period of time, but they have to behave.  It would just warn folks about who the anarchists are.  Needs more thought, but it takes some pressure off Mods and Admins who have to make judgement calls against personae.

    To assist with people trying to 'friend' users who have not been on for yonks, an inactive' flag maybe useful for those who have not logged in for over (say) 15 months.  It does not look them out. but it does show others trying to make contact, who never look at the "Last Seen Online" counter.

    And then, most critically, we need the user-to-user digitally enhanced, auto feedback handjob extension, so we can use one of these () for cyber foreplay!

    Have fun!!
  • Hi,

    @nadat could you provide me links to such fan pics? Maybe in pm or directly to my email? I think I've never seen it. Or there is some tag u use for them?

    @vivified @alanmac99
    I absolutely agree that we need to modify the chat. I will talk to the devs on how it could be done, how much time will it take etc.

    The same is with the implementing of new options for categories and friends. For sorry I am useless without the team)))
  • how about a feature to view the most 'viewed' pictures one has posted on this site? 
  • I like how you can make categories for the voids you save would like the same with pictures
  • Hello, 
    Thanks a lot :) 

    I have added all request to the special "wishlist" and will report you when we begin to work on them.

    Do not hesitate to add new features - we are willin' to know what U want :) 
  • Is there a way to upload more than one picture at a time?
    appreciate you don't want flooding but maybe 10 or so.
  • Some way to go to a random video or better yet a random category.  Some days I just don't know what I'm into, until I see it.
  • Thanks guys :) 
    We have already approved new feature for tagging pics so it will be easier. Thanks to all who mention the tag in PM's and forum as a feature to renew.

    Hope soon I will have some more news on the improvements ;)

    And do not forget to add any ideas here! We are very thankful for your activity! 
  • Hello Support, I understand that Fantasti.cc can only grow and thrive if they advertise their presence, and that adding banners to the nearly 2 million images you currently host is the most cost effective, highly visible way to accomplish this. I'm just asking that you consider changing the way you mark your images. This image has an alternative banner which I added. It is like the banner Sex.com adds to their images: http://fantasti.cc/user/bi4life/images/image/4949333/ .
    I read that you do not care for the way in which Smutty marks their images, but please bear in mind, their banner, like this example, does not block any portion of the image, yet the site's name is clear and easily readable.
    Thank you for your kind consideration.
  • Hear, hear; bi4life
  • I request to quit being banned
    and each time I'm banned....
    just letting u know....
    I go to an actual competitives site
    not trying to be mean
    vbut, if I can't have fant as a home site, I'll find another
    not a threat, just a reality
    after all
    if u keep 'banning me by accident' I will go to other sites that are happy to have me in thier chat....js....
    I'm not paid, this is not my job....
    so I go where I am welcome

  • Fxy you havent been banned by anyone as far as we can see. I think its the chatroom being difficult.
  • ty elizaa, but I wasnt in chat last night cuz I was 'banned' and so I went to antoehr site and posted on profile where I'd be. sooo, just saying....please fix this 'glitch' cuz its really a bad one. I am a fant addict, but find other sites where, although not as intimate, still accepting of me and quite fun
    please, make sure I dun get banned anymore as a result of a glithc. I like it here. but not so much that if I can't get in, I will keep going through headaces

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    here is an idea, how about before putting in fairly major changes to the site adding a poll to the home page to get an idea of user's reaction?
  • why cant you make it that others cant download our pictures, im not happy at all with the labels
  • @neonkitten
    We will add polls soon both to the site and to the main page for sure
  • Oh man, I'm SO with marco! If there is a way to stop people from downloading our images I would love it.

    I'd also like a flag saying that the person posting the image doesn't have the right to post it. You have this amatuer tag being put on images of porn stars and stolen professional images.
  • I agree with vivified about folks putting amateur tags on pictures that clearly aren't.  I especially like it when folks try to pass off professional pictures off as themselves. 
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