Music: Sexy And Otherwise

Had to start out with this one... it's a classic!
Closer- Nine Inch Nails

Ava Adore- Smashing Pumpkins

Down Boy- Yeah Yeah Yeahs  (I'm half in love with Karen O and have fucked to this song many times!)

Baby Girl, I'm A Blur- Say Anything (sexy video)

Patient Eye- Midnight Movies

Wild Gardens- Magenta Lane

Sea of Love (cover) - Cat Power

I Want You To Want Me- Cheap Trick

Closing Time- Semisonic

Going Going Gone- Stars

Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez

Steady As She Goes- The Reconteurs

Miss Misery- Elliot Smith

Stay- Lisa Loeb

Ego Wrappin- Midnight Deja vu

Hey Pretty- Poe

Operate- Peaches

Drive- Melissa Ferrick



  • Wow.. Cheap Trick!  That's old school.  I love it!
  • Pearl Necklace, these are GREAT! I have not heard of most of them so will have to come back when i have time to listen to them.
    Thank you for posting them! 
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    Hottest song ever.....#1 Crush by Garbage. If a woman ever sang this to me I would ravage her, lol/
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    to me the sexiest song ever made is "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin. The song itself just oozes sex to me. I've always been a blues fan and to me, if sex was a song, this would be it.
    and this one takes a close second. Paula Cole - Feelin' Love
  • i think the best in music would be this

    All though i do like cheap Trick and the song that was posted here was awsome..
  • New York Dolls- Lonely Planet Boy (Johnny Thunders cover)

    Jefferson Airplane- Go Ask Alice (at Woodstock)

    I should have been born in 1951... I would have fucking loved Woodstock.
  • How about a little "Guns n Roses" tribute?................Please?
  • Guns 'n Roses- Paradise City

    I get into the mood for a little G 'n R every once in a while too.
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    Thx, pearl..............
    But, it said "video no longer available"
  • Guns-N-Roses "Sweet Child O'Mine"
  • Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
  • Thx......... MG
  • your welcome furry np was glad to do it, i love those songs by the way
  • Welcome to the Jungle.... Now there's a tune I haven't heard in a while.
  • A song from the first concert I ever went to:
    Jane's Addiction- Mountain Song

    A song from the first album I ever bought:
    Butthole Surfers- Pepper

    The song that was playing when I broke up with my ex:
    She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart

  • Any guns n roses, bon jovi, aerosmith usually gets me there but there is one song (a hangover from my youth ;) for sure ) that always makes me smile and think mmmm .... Cheesy I know, but take it away Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on
  • Unchained Melody sung by the Righteous Brothers

    Roy Orbison - Crying (Absolutely one of the best vocalist I've ever heard sing)  Other great song tittles: Only the Lonely, Pretty Woman, In Dreams, I Drove All Night and many more.

    Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

  • Ween - She Fucks Me (Live version)
    totally different from the studio version....
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