NEW HERE? Introduce Yourselves In This Thread!

New to the site? Never used the forum before? Please use this discussion to introduce yourself and tell us about you: who you are, where from, what you like, what you are looking for, etc.


  • Good idea support, cheers.
  • Sounds like an appropriate thread to me.
  • Hi everyone! Not exactly new to the main site, but new to the forum. Anybody else into bbw femdom? Or cuckold porn? Want to chat or share stories? I rather like the idea. Not sure wifey will ever be into that though. At least in can get her to sit on my face or toss my salad or stick a finger up there. Feels so good! We're very oral. Drop me a line!
  • WelCUM to the famous Fantasti.cc forum, akink!
    We hope you get your salad tossed, your buns baked, your doNUTS fried....whatever it takes!

    And you can always choke your chicken if you'd like...we don't cluck around here!
  • New here anyone from ohio? Hmu
  • I am new here :)
  • WelCUM to Fantastii, dustyballs and yasunay!

    I see you found the "Ohio" thread in the "United States"  section of the forum!
    Hopefully, your balls won't stay dusty for long...

    Enjoy the view, folks!
  • What skull said LOL
  • Hi there, new here and love the site!
  • Yes, it's a great site, mr_masturbater.

    Fantasti.cc really grows on a fella.
    Like the hair that's gonna sprout on the palms of your hands if you spend a lot of time here...
  • Ohh yes anyone wanna help knock the dust off hahahaha
  • new to all this ladies please bare with this Lancashire laid back lad .. Thanks. P.s any ideas how to get my pic up in my profile will be greatly received :-(
  • its easy deppi,just go 2 ur profile and click on edit profile and settings

    on the left ull see a grey devil,just click on browse and select a pic from ur puter and enter,thats it

    good luck and welcome 2 fantasti.

  • Thanking you Miss Pixie for taking the time to give a helping hand but I think my best bet is to log out and try another time when im at my pc as my mobile has a mind of its own :-( xx
  • WelCUM to Fantasti, deppi!
    Have fun and enjoy the views!
  • Hello everyone
  • Hey :) im a 19 old f, uk new here, me and my boyfriend decided it would be fun to share my photos :o ha 
  • WelCUM to Fantasti, fun_girl and soldertony!
    Make friends, enjoy the view...cocktails are now being served!
  • We're glad you found us, crl93teen!
    Post away and try not to spill your drink!
  • edited July 2013
    Greetings all you new people! I'm just a randomly helpful user who wanted to give the newbies a few references.

    I know, I bet I seem like a total stickler with this post, but seriously, we all know many new people need some guidelines or they are completely lost!
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