Music: Who's Your Favorite (And Most Deserving) Unsigned Musical Act?

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I've speculated about this a lot over the years, about how a seemingly crappy band gets signed, makes millions and then goes down in history as a "great musical act." This is especially upsetting since there are so many acts that don't get signed (often because they don't look good on camera) that are so much better than anything on commercial radio. or MTV (Does MTV still play music videos?) As a band manager I see this all the time, and frankly, it pisses me off. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Leonard Coen etc., would not have made it today because they don't have "the look." My personal favorite, right now is http://www.myspace.com/olivestreetrecords So how about it, who do you think needs to make it, and why?


  • I don't think the Reverend Norb ,formerly of Boris The Sprinkler, has a a label these days unless it's one of his own? (he's done it on his own before.) The Rev is great. The last I heard of him he was doing radio.

    Danielle Howle

    Americana / Alternative / Jazz

    I think she has a record contract however isnt well known.  She had a band theTantrums
  • I also like some of the artists coming up in Louisville, KY. I think the scene is about to explode there, with My Morning Jacket and all.
    I really like Daniell Howle's stuff, very cool. Reverend Norb? Any link to his stuff?
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    The Rev.? I'd do a search for his old band,Boris The Sprinkler. They did a couple of things on the Go-Kart label along with some stuff Norb released with them on his own.
    I was talking to a a guy who's on the trail of the lost Hasil Adkins tapes the other day. Norton Records had him signed in his final days, but this all stuff Hasil recorded on his own from the 50's through his death in the early part of this decade. There were literally thousands of tapes. The original Psychobilly.
    It was though they were lost in a fire after he passed,but it looks like some of 'em are still out there.
    I've got a friend who's put me on to the "Primative Rock n' Roll" scene. It's people playing wash tub basses,electrified cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. It's mostly self-produced and free on the web. The group addy's escape me now,but do a search on "cigar box cigars" and something will turn up.
    Some of it's crap but a lot of it is damned good.
  • Fuckin-A, close your eyes and listen to this guy...

    and he's a Aussie.
  • HOLY CRAP! How can skinny white guys from England or Australia sound like some old black guy, who smoked really bad cigarettes and drank rough bourbon and scotch, and had the worst life imaginable. Props for the Robert Johnson ref., I really like this guy!
    There's a kid down here in San Marcos that plays delta blues (Best slide guitar ever) bar tends and plays parties, hangs out, no want for riches. Anyhow, all very cool.

    These guys just got ahold of my band on myspace, there pretty good: http://www.myspace.com/cabin
  • PS I'm not sure but I think they just got signed.
  • Yeah, I can't get over his weird speaking voice either.  Barely sounds Aussie.  Damn odd.  I like his crunchy face too.
    He looks like he's about 8 years old.  I like how he says he spent his dough on going to the movies.
  • Excellent doc...I really did like this guy...loved the guitar work.
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