Sex Dreams and Fantasies

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So has anyone ever had any strange sex dreams or odd perhaps even comical fantasies they would like to share?
One of my weirdest "wet" dream has to be having sex in the middle of circus during the intermission. (I hate clowns looking at me. It makes me feel dirty now) I have had weirder but sadly none come to mind right now.
If you don't have insane dreams like me maybe there is some weird fantasy you have you would like to share...


  • Wierd fantasy for me would be a very young 20something hottie seriously hitting  on me.  At 61 that's fucking wierd. 
  • lol
    Not nearly as weird as you might think and just to prove my point :P :

    Well ok maybe weird but not as uncommon as one might think.
  • C'mon that has to be his daughter . . .
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    Hard to tell with the Rolling Stones. Bill Wyman married a 13 year old when he was well into his 40's,with her parents blessings.
    I couldn't believe it. I don't care who he is, if I knew a 40 something man was sniffing around my 13 year old daughter,the last thing he'd ever see would be the flash of my gun going off in his face.
    Not a jury in the country would convict you of shooting the SOB under those circumstances.
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    I've said this in another thread but I will say it again.
    A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile even if he can afford Coco Chanel.
                       As long as you know men are like children, you know everything! --Coco Chanel
    Perhaps these are the men she was referring to.
  • I think Coco was cuckoo but she's right about most men. I'd say half don't really progress much beyond 17.
  • She was a total loon, no doubt.  But if you look carefully, the little jail bait in the pic above is wearing a Coco Chanel dress.  So, it seemed appropriate in the context to quote the old eccentric.
  • I don't know the exact back story of the photo but the website I got it off of did say she is his grilfriend and that she is 20. She looks awfully young for 20 no? A pedophile just in the eyes of the law he is not but that really doesn't change the fact that she could easily be his daughter and is way too young for him and that he is much too old for her.
    In any case it creepy and certainly sad to see that all one apparently needs is money and or fame to be in a relationship like this.
  • I have no problem with a large age difference between two adults when they are both past their early adulthood.  If a 30 year old woman wants to bed down with a 70 year old guy--go for it.  If a 28 year old guy fancies himself a 55 year old woman--good for them.  But people barely out of their teens haven't had enough experience in the world as an adult to know what they want.  She isn't even old enough to legally have a drink with the sick fuck.
  • I have to agree with f4. I fail to see any merit to their relationship beyond that he might be enjoying the sex. I don't think a 20 year old has lived long enough to be appealing to a man man so much older than her. What could they possibly share on a serious level that might make them fall in love?
    As for the drinking. Beer is legal at 16 where I come from. I bring that up because I find it interesting to see how the law handles age. In certain countries the legal age of consent is very very low. How do you determine when a person is ready to have sex and what ages the parties involved must be? Luckily I'm not in a position to make those decision for others because I honestly don't have a definite answer.
  • The age of consent originally came about to protect women who were being treated as property and is very culturally relative.  My mother-in-law was married to my father-in-law when she was 12 and he was 19.  They didn't begin living together until she was 16.  But this was India in the 30's.  And the average life expectancy was in the 50's.  My mom married my father in 1949 when she was 21 and he was 22.  She was feeling pressured because people were beginning to call her an "old maid."  In 1996, I married my husband when I was 30 and he was 37 and no one thought I was too old.  This was my first (and only) marriage.  My point is, times have changed.  People live longer and look healthier and younger long past when they used to and women are comfortable having children at an older age.  So, some of the age of consent laws are archaic.  I maintain that men who prey on women who are late teens and early 20's have an unfair advantage in these relationships and likely have failed with women their own age for obvious reasons.
    P.S.  You probably have noticed I feel very strongly about this issue.
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    Two examples for you. My paternal grandparents were married at 16,a couple of farm kids. For farmers in the early 20th century America getting married at 15-20 was common. The more kids you had the more help you had on the farm and a greater likelihood that the surplus from their combined income would be able to take care of you in your old age. You wanted to get an early a start as safely possible.
    My maternal grandparents were city dwellers,he worked for the railroad,she was a teacher along with having a share in the family grocery business. They married at  when he was 24 and she was 28. They only had two kids but the double income until marriage allowed them to have the start of a nice nest egg leaving their future to be less of a risk.
    (My maternal Grandmother wasn't considered an old maid because of circumstances. Her mother died at 37. As the eldest,she stayed single a few years longer to help with the business and bring up the younger siblings.)
    Urbanization,industrialization,and the welfare state have made the pattern of my maternal grandparents marriage the norm in the developed world. You don't need to crank out 10-15 kids to be sure you'll have a secure future and old age now.
    Marrying a much younger spouse, especially with men,is a sign of high status now in the devoloped world whereas in the pre-antibiotic days of subsistance farming,an older man remarrying a much younger spouse was a wise ecomomic move for both of them. (Women died in childbirth at an incredibly high rate,a man might have three plus wives in a lifetime due to just that fact.) The younger woman generally got a husband who was more economically and socially established than someone her own age,he got a woman who could do more work and bear more healthy children safely than a woman his age.
  • Or . . . in other words, . . .
  • am I allowed to account a dream in this discussion? lol  well anyrate I do have some great and weird dreams.  I have one in the poets corner. maybe two? alot of my most erotic stuff comes at nite (pun intended)

    The Moutain Moon pulled me awake

    I wander'd 'cross the cool grass,

    drawn, tugged by the Orb's shining beams.
    I found myself threading, treading

    down the canopied path onto a

    sandy pebbled crest rising out of

    the cool swift mountain river.
     The campfires, a source of

    food and fun in dying days play

    emberwarm sand 'neath I

    settle onto my towel to watch.
     I gazed at you, my mountain moon,

    peaking over the tall tree tops

    o'er the river's far shore.

    Golden ripples gleaming on top

    the clear, swift, cool water.
     It was then out o' mist appeared

    Aphrodite, rising, undulating

    misting drifting settl'ing in

    the flicking current at my feet.
     T'was then a glow as you flowed

    swallowing my body whole

    settling again with your

    long tresses in my hands held

    your cool lips engulfed mine

    in the passion of a summer eve.
     Your hair slipped from my grasp

    as your lips laced dew traced to

    my rising cock and your legs

    turned circles in the sand to land

    'bove my head with steamy mouth and tongue

    took lips and mound moist with your dew.
     Cool fingers-held as your moist lips

    closed 'round  swollen tip and

    pulling skin soft 'gainst muscle hard

    Breasts belly-rest as tresses glide

    lips tender forced hardness rise.

    And you shudder as you come

    nectar sweet dew, my tongue moves'round

    over'an down carressing lips 'an mound

    flicking and stroking moistness deep.

    Bodies bathed in mountain moon glow,

    images ripple past in waters swift flow,

    We moved to meet our face to face

    our bodies rising out of the pebble sand,

    Arms round as we found

    that moment when all the world stops

    You slid onto me and I into you

    and our rythms matched

    moon and river and breeze.
    River currents flowing by

    clouds and moon over fly

    and you, Aphrodite, and I

    continue to try

    our quest to harness

    their power for our own.
     As our bodies matched in the building crest

    we matched in our love never rest

    as we explode

    in thrashing wet throes

    and we felt all that was there.
     We became the glowing Orb 'bove,

    the river current-strong, the earth's

    pungent loam and coming still we came

    flinging farther still we flew

    t'wards eons of space and time, till

    we collapsed into one.
    As the mist cleared, eyes teared

    Then I felt the lone for

    you drifted in the flow

    and back into

    Mountain, Mist and Moon.
  • Thank you for all the info. I was aware of many of the reasons behind the current laws but hearing some of your family history was interesting. I've been looking through this list for the past  minutes and am really astounded by some of these numbers.
    I am really surprised that for some reason gay sex even when legal has a different age of consent in some countries. If we were to revise the laws regarding the age of consent what do you guys think it should be based on now?
    I really like your poem Stefanwolf.  Can you link me to the other one's you mentioned?
  • yep thanks harry. just go to the poets corner here in the forum.  some of them are there.  and thanks for the link we've done a hell of a lot of research into the matter of child explotation
     here at fantatasti and have a member whos a lawyer looking into it for us as well.  The primary difficulty we have here is keeping the lookout for underage users and content.  Some of the laws are reinforced by more stringent court descisions as well. 
    The age of consent was just changed here in South Carolina within the last year or so from 14.  However it was the courts that had ruled before that on sex with minors.
  • Hey good news on South Carolina making their slow climb into this century.  Maybe there is still hope for Arkansas!
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    My sex fantasy?  Being in my #%&*^#% bed for something other than bedrest.  
  • my fantasy right now?  Helping f4 with her #%&*#% delima!
  • Sorry f4...I have to laugh...that is funny...I'm not laughing at you...only your ability to show some humor with your unfortunate situation...hang in there...you'll be better soon :)
    stef...I'm sure you're not alone with that thought...
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