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Okay here is my question and I will give my answer also. I was wondering how old you all were when you lost your virginity. And what's the story behind it? I would like to see how much you remember about your first time. *grins & winks* Okay and here it is about mine.  My long term boyfriend (who later was my first husband *giggles*) and I were out parked at the lake one night doing some heavy petting...(now adays that is called "outercourse" and I had to laugh when I found that out.) You know what I am talking about it was the "steam up the windows" kinda petting.... I was giving him a blow job and I know he was about to explode in my mouth when he stopped me. He takes the rest of my clothes off me and lays me back on the seat and starts kissing me and touching my breasts, the kisses deepen and he strokes down my stomache... he has his hand in my hair and his tongue down my throat as his fingers start to play with the lips of my pussy. I am wet from wanting him to touch me there. He inserts one finger and slowly slides it in and out of me. I remember the electricity that he was causing to course through me. When I started arching up to his hand he ground his whole palm down against me. He pulled back and then wispered in my ear that he wanted me. That he wanted to be deep inside me. (Well, ofcourse I said I wanted him too... I was on the vurge of dying.) He positions himself between my thighs and slowly eases inside me. He was 8 inches so I was a bit nervous about how that was all gona fit inside me but I knew he wouldn't hurt me on purpose. After the initial pain of him entering me it got better and his slow strokes soon turned into fast pounding. I could feel him getting larger and thicker inside me as he was about to reach his point of orgasm. He came deep inside me and then laid on top of me wrapping me in his arms and kissing the top of my head. He asked me how I liked it and I told him it was okay. (I didn't orgasm... it wasn't till the fifth time of having sex before that happened. Go figure..LOL) I really was sore but I kept at it till I was really enjoying sex. And would you believe I still really like it... *Grins & Giggles* Everyone take care and I would love to hear your story of when & how you lost your virginity.T


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    When i think about it, my first time was rather crappy. We were on a date down in the local park, so while were were out for a walk we stopped at a secluded table/bench and started making out. After a while, I, being an adventurous virgin, started to move my hands to her breasts and then down her pants, i fingered her for a couple minutes (don't know if she cum or not), and we stopped when we noticed someone had walked buy, i think she was a little embarrassed because I'm pretty sure that guy knew what we were doing We continued on our walk to the end of the area, to just start making out again ;). But this time i guess she wanted to pay me back for the great pleasure (i hope) i gave her a while ago. Hidden behind a fallen tree, she proceeded to unzip my pants and give me my first blow job. It was the best feeling i have ever felt. She did that for a while, taking one or two moments to take a breath and just stroke me off. I didn't cum. We noticed that there was nobody coming down to this end of the park so we went over and sat down at a table/bench to make out (we did a lot of making out as you can tell). She then asked me if i would like to lose my virginity, i said sure. So i pulled my dick out, and she spread her legs and moved her panties over, and positioned her self on my lap and sad down. We kissed and she looked in my eyes and said "Your no longer a virgin anymore". She bounced and i pumped a couple time, but since i didn't have a condom and she wasn't on the pill (i don't think she was) she didn't want me to cum in her we stopped and moved to another location where she could suck me off. She told me that i should shave my balls because she didn't like hair (what person likes pubic hair in their mouth?), but she being the honey chick she was she couldn't help her self and sucked on my balls anyways. I still never did come that night because soon after her sucking on my balls we realized we had to head out, because her ride was gonna be picking her up soon. We did fuck aloft more after that. My room, My backyard on a blanket, Her grandma's living room, while she was at a friends, we would even leave youth group to go some where to fuck :D Those were the good old days. I really miss those days. She was my first and my last. As of this post it has been about 6 years since iv had sex, so in my eyes, i am a virgin again.
  • What the fuck.
    That was a seriously depressing virginity story JustGizzy.  Like, dang.  Way to harsh my Saturday morning.
    Of course, it's better than mine.
    I can't remember losing my virginity.  I really cannot.  I've tried, believe me. 
    I can remember the first time I had a tongue in my Area 51.  The only reason I remember it is because of the audience that was observing.  That left an impression on me.  At least I remember whose tongue it was.
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    I used to get a ride to school from a girl before I got my liscense or a car, my entire sophomore year in fact. It was totally platonic, I paid for her gas every once in a while.
     Then that summer I got my liscense and a 'new' car, so I called her up and asked if she wanted a ride. She said yeah, so I picked her up and we drove around for a while. Actually got to listen to my music since it was my car, which was great. I dropped her off and she asked if I wanted to watch a movie or something, so I did. We were in her basement, watching American Pie (it was pretty new back then) and out of nowhere she started playing with me... her older sister  was in the room watching with us, so it was awkward.
     Her sister just abruptly got up and left us, not even saying a word. I was going to ask the HJ girl  what was up, but without a word she had my dick out and in her mouth. I had a BJ or 2 before, but never one this aggresive. And the next thing I know I am reclined on the couch getting rocked for a good 15 minutes, not even doing anything. I finished in her mouth, we... I guess she finished me in her mouth.
     Then a few days later she was just a friendo again, never really bringing it up. It wasn't that great, but ahh well.
  • I lost my Virginity once.   Then I got a map out and lo and behold found it
    there right next to West Virginity and right north of North Carolinity
  • lmao
    omg, furry you're on a roll.
    I'm using that one, I'm taking it.  Yep.
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    I was eighteen. My girlfriend with whom I was staggeringly in love had just dumped me for selfish reasons, using her manipulative wiles to make me think it was my fault. She left town for college and I stayed behind, working an hourly job, emailing with her every day, growing increasily aggravated by her wishy-washy answers to my questions (if she gave any)
    . At one point, I decided that I was going to stop waiting for her to take me back, so I started AIM-ing with a girl I met when she came into the store I worked at. There was little that I knew about her. I didn't know what school she went to, how old she was (old enough to drive, so the gap of statutory rape was closed, phew), or even her last name until a month of knowing her. Kind of depressing, considering previous relationships involved me getting to know as many things about the girl as possible. The situation with my ex, however, seemed to have deadened me into relationship apathy.
    Anyway, this new girl and I established a "dating" status, hung out at a couple mild parties together, saw a movie or two, made out here and there, no sex. Until this point I was actually super-fearful of sex; the school health class fear tactics of parenthood/STD-hood worked on me, I s'pose. She and I had talked about sex on a couple occasions, she who had been sexually active for about a year. A lot of things she said about it turned me on, like about how much fun it was for her, etc. . We went to a small get-together at her friend's house, where we wound up making out under a blanket on a couch with other people in the room. Not really my M.O., but I was depressed about my ex, so I didn't care about much those days. (I had even dyed my hair black. Talk about something not being my M.O.). After some really nice, lovely kissing (a technique that, at the time, I claimed to have invented, where you softly bring your mouths together and delicately tongue each other's lips...yeah, I probably didn't invent that), we whispered and hinted at going into the bathroom to have sex.
    After some deliberation, and her evidence of having a condom, I acquiesced. She led me into the bathroom and turned off the lights. I remember trying to lead her into going down on me first, but she had her goal in mind. Me shivering, we glided down to the floor, lips never parting, the condom suddenly on me without me even realizing it, her barely naked. I could just make out her outline from the light coming in under the door. It was only during these moments that I completely let go of memories of my ex, fully grappling the sensation of falling for this new girl. She then pulled me into her, and even though I was wearing a condom, it was amazing. The whole phenomenon of a man having more than one orgasm during his first time had always fascinated me, but my logic always defeated my own prospect of it. In the sex stories I read, I always assumed that the multiple male orgasms during the first time were because the man hadn't had many orgasms prior. Up until this point, I'd had hundreds. But the magic worked. No more than five seconds after coming, I found that I was still hard, still willing, and that she was too. So I kept going until I came again.
    Despite this, she never truly believed me that it was my first time. (Why would I lie about that? I thought most dudes would keep the fact that they didn't swipe their V-card until 18 a secret. Maybe those are just the dudes I went to school with. *shrug*). I look back on that one instant with adoration, but things didn't work out between us. Turned out she was also on the rebound, and kind of unbalanced. Then again, so was I.
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    Another two sided story...one from me and one from the wife. 
    The Husband - I was one of the lucky ones.  My first time was with a woman 20 years my senior.  I had been dating and had the usual frustrating trial and errors with my girlfriends.  A handjob here and a few feels there.  I worked for this couple over the summer doing yard work and odd jobs.  The wife was attractive (especially to a boy in the throws of puberty) and sweet.  We used to talk in the afternoons when I would take a break and we shared an iced tea.  Often she would ask about my girlfriends and what we did on dates.  Finally she became more bold and actually seduced me, not that I wasn't more than willing.  I'll never forget how she sucked me off telling me she wanted to make sure I didn't disappoint her later.  Then we had sex.  I still came too fast but she was kind and told me I would get better.  I did.  We were lovers for almost two months.  After school started we never got together again, but she taught me many things about women and how special they could be in my life.  I think of her very very fondly.
    The Wife - My first time was as frustrating as it was wonderful.  I started masturbating early and had broken my own hymen (another story entirely).  My boyfriend kept trying to further and further and I would hold him off with a handjob or blowjob.  Finally, I decided I loved him (don't we all) and would give in.  We went to the beach late at night after a dance and when he started to touch me and tell me how much he wanted me I let him go all the way.  The frustration was that he was a good enough lover that he had me all excited and ready, but his anticipation resulted in his first ejaculation spewing all over my panties before I could get them off.  I had to throw them away and hope my Mother wasn't awake when I got home.  Fortunately, at his age he got hard again quickly and was able to fuck me.  I actually had an orgasm when he entered me and discovered how truly sexual I could be.  He didn't last long the second time either, but I didn't care because I already knew how amazing a cock could feel after I came the first time.  Fortunately he had a condom and when he came after a very short time, I didn't have to worry about being pregnant.  We had sex two more times but I was already looking for an older, more experienced lover, but thats an entirely different story.
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    I gave mine at a very young age.  It was with my mother's bf(still current bf)...Mom arranged it...I asked her to...
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    great stories all, keep em cumin. 
    Ummm, dont tell anyone but you can find the story of my first encounter here: http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/56/ .
    Unfortunately the laws lean in the favor of not allowing any underage content on adult video sites. Love ya all tho, wolfie
  • Stefan, I'm disappointed in you.
    "Emelee1990", the man that raped you is a pedophile.  That your mother arranged for it to happen makes her a pedophile.
    That you "Emelee" think there was nothing wrong with it, makes you a pedophile who is very likely to let the same thing happen to other children because in your sick head it's all fine and dandy for children to have sex with adult men.
    I notice you have many other posts here lately, but this post makes it quite clear you are not a well person. 
    As far as I and many other people in all the societies on earth are concerned, people like you and your revolting family should be imprisoned for life.  Pedophiles should be put down like the LOSER DOG YOU ARE.
    Stop posting here, crawl under a rock, and die Pedophile.
  • emelee...I've read many of your post.  I've elected not to respond after your posting for a couple of reasons.
    First of all...I have an issue discussing any adult content with young girls, especially those under 21.
    Second, I really don't believe you are who you say you are.
    Based on your last post, which I read before steph had a chance to edit it.  Tells me you have some huge moral issues and used some very bad judgement with your post.  I agree with doc here, you need to move on.
  • Hmmm, nuff said.  I left it up.  If emelee is the person she says she is then yes she is in need of some help.  If not then well there are whole sections in asstr.org where the author can post to their hearts content.  I have seen enuf of the world to know that loosing ones virginity has many stories.  Just suffice to say i didnt find it so unusual,  however troubling it was.  lets see what happens, maybe this topic is too out there to keep up.
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    Hmm dont blame so much pedophiles. Im pretty conservative in my political-ideological point of view, and also HATE pedophiles, but if girl wants to have sex on a disco for example. and she's 13 or 14, then man is usualy a victim. Yeah, thats right, 13 yo girl when goes to party, makes her makeup and clothes, that she looks 18 or older. In my country (Poland) often mans go to prison for pedophila, because chick lied to them she is 5 or 6 years older. Dont say that everyone on a party should check ID of a girl if she looks like 19, especially when both of them are drunk.
    Ive also see very much when i was in gimnasium (this is type of school in Poland, when kids go in 13-16 yo.). One chick when was 15 yo have  2 pregnancy abortions behind her, another when we was in secound grade (so 14 yo) took 5 minutes after presentation on party to do blowjob to unknown, much older guy. And im living in very conservative country, so dont tell me that in other countries teenage girls are so innocent.
    And dont blame someone as pedophile if he had sex with _teenage_ (not preteen) girl, especially when SHE wanted to and seduced him
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    WTF EVER! 
    Pedophiles are pedophiles plain and simple. There is no excuse for it. A 13 year old CHILD does not have the mental capacity to truly KNOW what it is they are doing... sure, they get it feels good, but they don't understand how it is WRONG. If someone can't tell if the person they are about to have sex with is legal or not, then they shouldn't be having sex with them to begin with.  That's just better "safe then sorry" as they say.
    Seriously, don't blame the minor. That's just lame and irresponsible.
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    It is your responsibility as an adult to make sure that the girls are of age. What do you mean don't blame someone for having sex with a girl who "wants" it and "seduces" him.. It comes down to two words "SELF CONTROL"...
    I think maybe you need to exercise some "SELF CONTROL" and not write down the idiot thoughts that flow from your brain. To me it seems like you should be lumped in with the rest of the sick freaks out there who prey on young girls. Unless the real problem is that you can't get a woman who is over the age of 18 because she sees right through your sorry BS.
    You may not like what I have to say but trust me, I back up everything I say 100%
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    I guess that means you'll never hear the story of me losing mine to Bridget Bardot at the age of 8.
    It was about this time of year. Aristotle Onassis and I were trolling for poon in St. Tropez. He'd just left Marie Calais and I was a newly minted second grade grad learning to color between the lines in the stomping grounds of my idol,Van Gogh.
    Those were the days. Before that Bouvier-Kennedy gold-digger got her claws in Ari.
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    Now you blame me :)
    First i dont live in USA, but in Europe, and here pedophilia is usualy when a girl is under 15 (so 14 or less), so im speaking about Europe not USA.

    Second, when 15 yo old kid often take fully criminal responsiblity for their acts and can even go to prison, so it is logical that they also can take responsiblity for having sex.
    Im curious if in USA teens cannot take responsiblity for having sex when they are under 18, so they also cannot take responsiblity for their crimes ?? It is even a larger responisblity to go for 25 years to prison because of killing someone, than responsiblity of having sex?
    Sorry but USA anti-pedophille laws and mentality are totaly strange for me. Not long time ago, ive read about 13yo american teenage girl from NJ, which put own naked photos on the web, and now she is prosecuted for pedophilla. This is some kind of terrible nonsense for me, im waiting for some teenage girl in USA which will masturbate herself and will be prosecuted for child abuse :)

    Third, you are in mistake about me. 13yo old girls stoped turning me on, when i was 15 yo. Also i dont like disco's and similar overcrowded parties, so i dont have problems with girls cheating that they are older....... But i can understand and even have compassion to a guy which went to a "21 yo or older" club, meet there a girl looked like 19yo and wanted to do a blowjob, and next day is arrested and goes to prison (and polish prisons arent hoolidays ESPECIALLY for a pedophilles, which often hang yourself up there with help of other prisoners), because this girl was 13 and with help of makeup and D cup bra, she only made look yourself as 20yo.
     Fourth, pedophilia is by definition a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children. That is strictly defined medical term and you will not change it, no matter how hard you try.

    I actually see here a problem, but I blame this girl, not a guy. In my opinion all this problem is caused by easy access to pills and even medical pregnancy abortion. If this girl would know that she dont have pills or medical abortion, and if she will get pregnant when she will rise a kid, she would think three times about it, before having sex with someone.
    PS. Sorry for my bad english, i hope that you will understand it.
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    Ok...first off I'd like to start by saying...dino...stop with the Poland is different shit...half of my family is from Poland and they have the same views on these laws as the rest of us in the U.S., you're making it out like underage females purposely set people up to go to jail....like auburn said kids don't have the mental capacity to know these things.....
    Like say an underaged female is totally pressured into sex with someone above age....and goes along with it...then the next day goes to the police...because she was guilted into it....that isn't thinking "Hey i'm gonna get this dude tossed in jail because i can"...
    So...you should stop now...you're very far behind.
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