What do you like or dislike about what sex you are?

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just to throw this out to yous folks................what`s the highlights and lowlights of your sex.................what makes you feel good about the way you are..............and what would you change if given half a chance


  • Nothin'. We can piss out windows and we rule the world
  • I like the fact that being a guy thrash(ghey) fancies me LOL
  • Silly Rock.  Everyone knows that pussy rules the world. 
    More seriously, I could do without the whole hormonal thing.  Babies should be grown outside of the body making men equally beholden to the care and keeping.  Be gone menstruation, childbirth, menopause--All of it!  The only thing I would take from the rougher sex is the ability to pee standing up, outside, on a tree, or in cursive.  That and upper body strength.
  • Nothing is wrong with me... I'm the perfect breed of female... now other bitches are so emotional and over dramatic and me me me me me I tend to stay away from females for that reason just too much ... yes I do tend to be a bit narcissistic but who cares, as I've said I'm perfect.
  • why should we be classed as  all male or all female?  I like having my cock, but I tend to think the whole machismo thing is overrated.  I hate that whole "men are from mars, women are from venus" thing.  I prefer to think of myself as pangallatial- one planet, one galaxy isnt enuf to describe me.
  • wooo i just saw a jaguar fighting an anaconda
  • is that supposed to be some sort of reference to men and women fighting?....bags i be the jaguar...
  • Now I would have figured the anaconda as being the female in this case scarlet ;)
  • what, because we wrap ourselves sinuously around the man and sqeeze?
  • Not exactly what I was referring too but, you could say something like that, yes ;)
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    Now, now . . . do I have to explain everything?
    The pussy swallowed the dick but the dick poisoned the pussy, and, as usual, the pussy got fucked by the dick without even knowing it.
  • You never lived until you've pissed swingin' from a tree branch. One of the true joys of boyhood and big surprise for the person fool enough to walk under you.
  • what do I dislike about the sex I am?
    thinking and breathing.
  • I'm going out back to shoot myself Doc but I only have one bullet.  If we put our heads together we may only need one.   Take a chill pill gorgeous, you're depressing me ;(
  • Sounds like a Corrine Bailey Rae Song
  • Ok, something different.
    I like being female because I get to use lotion that smells like vanilla.  I don't think guys can do that without being labeled.
    I also like being able to wear colorful things and have long hair. 
    I like how men think I'm stupid because I have tits.  It's like I always have the upper hand because they don't have any idea what I can do to them.
    Not. . . that. . .I would ever do anything. . . bad. . . to them.  
  • Perhaps some insight from a truly bi-sexual couple:
    Husband - I love being male because it is intensely sexual and passionate.  My cock it there and brings me amazing pleasure.  Other cocks also bring me excitement and pleasure.  But, sometimes, after being with another man, I wonder what my wife feels as a cock enters her and fills her and  gives her one orgasm after another.  That has to feel incredible.
    Wife - Being a woman, especially a sensual and sexually alive woman, is amazing.  I never have to go without sex because men want it so badly.  I can flirt, tease, and take my pick of the field.  Men work so hard to get laid...LOL  There is something amazingly sensual about being desired.  At the same time, I can be with another woman and it is considered sexy and arousing.  A man with another man is "a homo" with all that implies.  Sad.  There are times when I see men naked that I wonder about what it would be like to have a cock...men's orgasms are so powerful and intense that it is wonder to watch.  And a cock is sooooo handy...LOL  Men have their own sex toy attached.  But I wouldn't change being a woman for anything.  But being a woman is sooooo special and lovely and men should envy every one of us.
  • My sex toy is attached. It's called a clit and takes considerably less lube than a guy's toy.  Just sayin.
  • Another good thing about being female - no performance anxiety.
  • I must be the only guy in the world who never liked to use lube for whackin' ? The friction is what does the job.
    I always turned to the ladies underwear section of the Sears catalog,spotted a likely looking woman,grabbed my turgid tallywhacker firmly with one or both hands and did the deed. A few minutes later I'd do it again. The joys of being a teenage boy.
    Now all my tallywhacker does is wake me up all night to go piss.
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