Shooting on your own face?

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I haven't really tried this that much but one of my favorite j/o memories is when I was around 14 I was lying on my back and hit my own chin on the first popshot. Don't know why I didn't try it a lot more often but maybe was grossed out by my own cum or something, but later on I "cheated" and rolled up into that uncomfortable position where dick is above face so I could shoot in my mouth and swallow to see what that was like and wasn't all that turned on and didn't get a satisfying orgasm in that position.  These days I sometimes try when reclined or lying on my back to hit my own face but it is hard to do!  Usually get to upper chest.  Maybe need to save up a good load so I can shoot really well.  Not into gay porn per se but I did find a regular go-to video of a guy j/o'ing with a big beautiful cock in half-sitting half lying-down position getting several shots onto his face.  (For those who want it, here it is: http://www.gotgayporn.com/videos/630/monster-cumshot.html )  I love seeing or doing shots that go far.  How 'bout you all?


  • Yes, I like to jack off on my face now and then, but not nearly as much as having someone else do it.  More frequently I just eat my cum.
  • Hmmm, I enjoy cumming on some woman's face rather than my own.  Better still in some womans face or pussy.
  • I have never seen a guy pop right in his own mouth...sounds cool when does the movie come out?
    I once shot myself in the eye. Not something I particularly enjoyed. Occupational hazard I'm afraid. :p
  • lmao- All I can think of is Christmas Story- "You'll shoot your eye out!"
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    It's why I always wore safety goggles.
  • Now I know why they have sneeze guards at salad bars     
  • LMAO guys.........that's some funny chit.
  • Another thought!  A shot of cum up the nose and then snezing it out onto the salad
  • LMFAO, steph..........Perfect..........I wish I could see that happen
    I don't eat at the salad bar anyway
  • germ-o-phobes!
  • I want to wash my hands.
  • I would lend you my bar of soap but you might get germs on it.
  • LMAO.  Hand Sanitizer?
  • I used to have a friend who'd spray hair spray on his hand and light it afire.  Kinda cool and I'm willing to bet it killed the germs. 
    One night we lit a good portion of the desert up behind his house in the foothills.  hehe.
    He didn't even make it to 18.
  • That tends to be the form those kind follow.
  • That was a distrubingly sad story Doc.
  • Oh, I didn't mean it to be sad at all.  We had a blast.  How many friends light themselves on fire?  Not many, I can attest.  Although, I had this other friend who lit her hair on fire on a regular basis.  It got to be so often, we didn't even really get too excited about it. 
    Matt though, he didn't die in a blaze or anything.  He just dropped dead, literally.  Some kind of heart defect.  He really packed a lot into the short time he had though.  Good lesson for all of us.
  • Okay . . . remove sad.  That/those was/are disturbing story(ies).
  • Well the hairspray just burns right off before doing any damage.  It's just kinda neato. 
    What is this thread again?
    Shooting on a monkey?
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