Apple Pie Masturbation

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Confession time boys.  It was posited in another thread that men will put their cocks in almost anything.  What is the strangest thing you have ever put your cock in for the purpose of getting off and were you successful at bringing yourself to ejaculation?


  • Other then a female, my hand, and it works every time : )
  • Really?  No fruit?  No fur coats?  No loofahs?
  • Is that strange?  Now I'm at a loss, do men use strange objects to pleasure themselves?  I've heard stories but thought they were just weird.
  • i heard something once a while back about drilling a hole in a melon.  i'll bet if we looked, we could find some pretty strange vids : )
  • Yep, the melon one was what came to my mind too.
  • I was the kid who put his dick in the dike so the town wouldn't flood out
  • I knew a guy who used to slather a sock in vaseline and put in in the microwave to warm it up before shoving his cock in it and going to town. If I had a cock, I would so give it a go..lol
  • Oh and, wow Furry, that's some cock you got on ya! ME-OW!
  • Whenever I see kids playing with those longish, ballon tubes full of colored water...I don't know what they're called, but they look like something a guy would, um, I don't know...this is a weird topic.
    If I had a dick, I'd talk to women ALL the time trying to get them in bed.  Or maybe just the car, whatever.
  • Three balloons in the upper half of a 2 liter Gatorade container and it got me off gloriously
  • I never used food by myself, do enjoy the lick it off of me by my lover tho.  Strangest altho I dont think it is that uncommon, a woman friends panties
  • I like the vaseline in the sock thing . . . . I might try that with the hubby . . . the closest thing I have to a dick of my own.
  • A pillow works. Just hump away, pretending it's a woman, or a sock monkey. Only thing is you have to pull out at the end or you leave stains on the sheet.
  • spanking the monkey with a sock monkey . . . is that incestuous?
  • too damned funny . . . how did we survive before u-tube? 
  • hell if i know...but there isn't a topic i can think of that doesn't have something funny to be found on youtube
  • I hereby challenge Mou to find something funny about The Elephant Man.
  • Waiting with bated breath . . . hand on the mouse ready to click.
  • AWWWWWW, she cain't do it.  Mou is good, but not THAT good.
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