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Please guys... all I see in recent activity are dicks. Nobody wants to see it. Touch it pet it cum, but dont take pics and post it here...


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    You are looking at the wrong place, horadee.  check out images sure there are some cocks but there are lots more ladies tho
  • Just curious, Horadee, do you feel the same way about all the up close pussy shots?
  • Don't think of them as 'cocks' hore, think of them as, um, a sausage fest!
    Or you could think of them as small models of the Washington National Monument.  Small flesh colored models.
  • sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
    personally, i agree with horadee...most of the cock pics here are either of substandard quality or substandard cocks.  and who the fuck are they trying to impress with a cock picture anyway??  men sure as hell (for the most part) don't wanna see a bunch of strange cocks and women aren't all that obsessive. 
    sure, a lovely cock is a wonderful thing to behold, but as referred to earlier, if they belong to a dick then what's the point. 
    the average cock, however...should not be used as an icon for one's self.  coz if that's their finest quality....game over!!
  • OK, here's my two cents.  I wish members would use a less offensive pic for their avatar (both guys and gals).  The reason, because this is the image we see when posting and chatting.  Who real wants to have a conversation with some cock or pussy.  I agree mou, if that's their finest quality how sad.  I realize this is an adult site and many of us here enjoy viewing the sexy pics you post.  But you also have to realize that this is a community we share to chat.  If you're in a nightclub, do you walk around with a picture of your cock or pussy attached to your face?  If so, let me know how that works for you?  I know, I'm being a smart ass.  But when someone pops in with a cock as there avatar, I think, "Oh, just another dickhead".
    Additional thought, how about those members who opt not to upload an avatar.  Wouldn't it be nice if the males were blue and the females were red.  And for those that are couples possibly some other color like green maybe.  This would sure clear up a lot of confusion as to what gender you're chatting with.
  • How's my avatar look now Astern ?
  • Holy shit Furry!  You're a guy???
  • Thanks furry, that works great :)
  • furry, you got some blue balls to go along with yer blue head?
  • Yes, pelotas azul grande..............................................muchacha mou
  • vaya con Dio Furry...
    Ronnie James Dio that is.
  • alegres estaban todos que se divertían
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    I'm going to smack you both with a pinata bat.
    See what kinda candy comes out.
  • dove bars 
  • now, say ewwww in spanish.
  • ewwwwwwwlay?
  • is my cock av ok?? ya know, i wouldnt wanna offend anyone. :p
  • danny, you know i adore your cock...av.
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