Shy Young Girl and Mature Nina

0:39:35 Uploaded by schoolxlx5 years, 2 months ago on empflix
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maestrotimm Sat, 10 Sep 2011 15:58:02 +0200 5/5
TURN ON Another entry in NH's "acting" series... Give yourself lots and lots of time to enjoy this, as it starts slowly, quietly, intelligently, and never lets up once the escalation begins. I don't know who the young woman is, but she plays "reluctance" perfectly, and she has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen: From some angles she looks like Kelly Clarkson, from others, Amanda Plummer (which is weird because those two don't look anything alike). And Nina is as good as her word initiating this girl: It is, in fact "all about her." In any vid where I don't get to see NH's face as she explodes, I feel robbed... not in this one, not at all.
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  foxihotgirl Wed, 16 May 2012 22:50:57 +0200 5/5
TURN ON Ms. Hartley knows how to fuck those young things and does it so well. She knows how to use a strapon too. Girl gets it good. Nice vid!!
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  Poppabear Sun, 03 Jun 2012 09:38:25 +0200 5/5
TURN ON I have seen this one several times, and it never fails to delight me. It is a good story line and very believable. Nina is great with young women and especially with a strapon dildo. Enjoy every moment of it.
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