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She is a 23 years old married, straight female from Livonia, Michigan, United States
Member since May 31, 2009. Last seen online 4 days, 2 hours ago.
Girls are like Jedi's, they can lift things without even touching them...if you know what I mean.
snugglebunny91 is here for videos, community and friends
Hey im snugglebunny im 23 from Michigan. I'm a married with one son and another due in august. first and foremost.. if you have a cockatar don't message me. i wont answer.. also no, i dont like bbc.. and finally.. no i do not want to have phone sex.. talk dirty via messages.. or watch you jack off on cam..

what do i like? i like taboo.. roll play (in person).. rough sex.. and a few other things things.. there's not really much I wont do. message me in my inbox (not PM) if you want to have a decent conversation and i'll be happy to respond. but no, i don't want to discuss what taboo you like or role play with you. thx for looking.. rate and comment the pix plz :)

p.s. girls im straight, lady parts are gross, no im not interested in yours (that goes for guys posing as girls as well)
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Who would have ever thought you could join a site and meet so many people from all over the world who share the same philosophy as you do. Certain behaviors have entered my mind that I would have never considered.
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