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He is a straight male from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
Member since Nov 23, 2008. Last seen online 1 year, 7 months ago.
Be safe, Sleep with a firefighter!!!
holyknockers is here for videos, community and friends
I am a professional firefighter. I love to talk to interesting people. Making people smile is one of my biggest deals in life. I ride my motorcycle, when I get a chance, and I enjoy all types of motorsports racing!!
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holyknockers WHATEVER
You are about a skuzzy bitch. Just because you got a nice set of tits, doesn't entitle you to be hot. If anyone should have been wearing the bag, it ought to have been her. Hiding the massive fuckin nose of hers would have been a huge improvement to the movie.I've seen better looking ass on a platter at christmas dinner. I've seen better dancing at a kindergarden play.WTF I think her fans are getting ripped. I hope all you people that thought this was a good movie, bleed from the eyes!!!! Get a new fuckin chair bitch, one that doesnt make me wanna kill myself when it makes that horrible noise. Im surprised that dude was able to keep hard, with all that noise.
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Annette Schwarz Fantastic Throat Fuck!
the best throat fuck i have ever seen....BRAVO
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Swallow cumpilation
great shots
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hardcore Teen deepthroat
That has got to be one of the best throat fuckings I have ever seen! What a trooper she is!
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