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00:26sec Seka And John Holmes
slut_wife slut_wife Turn on Straight out of my parents porn collection - classic stuff
you_porn 25 Views: 592

Seka And John Holmes

90:06 Battle of superstars: kay parker vs. seka
Battle of superstars: kay parker vs. seka rjshunting Turn on Kay Parker is the original MILFn
xhamster 8 1 Views: 2,356

Battle of superstars: kay parker vs. seka

01:28 My Sister Seka
melissahotlegs melissahotlegs Turn on mmmmmm love the movie great 69
pornotube 6 3 2 Views: 448

My Sister Seka

82:37 Seka's teenage diary - 1984
koolaidkid koolaidkid Turn on liked it...
xhamster 3 1 Views: 869

Seka's teenage diary - 1984

03:12 Inside Seka
crcajun crcajun Turn on Old advertisement for "Inside Seka" movie and her skills in her day. She was top of the porn charts in her day. What a foxy MILF she was/is. Where is she today, anyone know?
pornotube 11 2 Views: 372

Inside Seka

01:57 Hermaphrodite Tells All
susiesuziesue susiesuziesue Whatever Strange and bizarre
pornotube 10 3 Views: 1,099

Hermaphrodite Tells All

01:10 The Original Queen Of Porn SEKA!
The Original Queen Of Porn SEKA! victorlima Whatever Not much worth watching here, no cum shot, no passion whatsoever. This video is just for folks who want to see what Seka looked like - pretty, nice big natural boobs.
pornotube 6 1 Views: 210

The Original Queen Of Porn SEKA!

01:30 American Garter
pornotube 1 1 Views: 198

American Garter

01:28 Between The Sheets
pornotube Views: 124

Between The Sheets

01:28 Blonde Fire
pornotube Views: 101

Blonde Fire

01:28 Free And Foxy
pornotube Views: 110

Free And Foxy

01:28 Sweet Alice
pornotube Views: 98

Sweet Alice

01:28 Pussy Galore
pornotube 1 Views: 121

Pussy Galore

01:28 Inside Seka
pornotube 1 Views: 205

Inside Seka

01:28 Seka's Anal Ecstasy
Seka's Anal Ecstasy darkdavey Whatever Straightforward bj. No anal whatsoever!!!!!
pornotube 2 Views: 229

Seka's Anal Ecstasy

01:28 Classic Seka
Classic Seka gbell Turn on I love kissing, real kissing and a lot of it before the rest the evening. This had it. So few men know how to kiss. Quality of this older video is not great but the kissing is.
pornotube 4 1 Views: 269

Classic Seka

01:28 Love Goddesses
pornotube Views: 123

Love Goddesses

01:28 Big Tit Super Stars Of The 80's: Seka's Burning Desire
Big Tit Super Stars Of The 80's: Seka's Burning Desire godeep99x Turn on I'll be brief. I hope there will be some longer versions of legends like her here soon.
pornotube 2 1 1 Views: 238

Big Tit Super Stars Of The 80's: Seka's Burning Desire

01:28 Heavenly Desire
pornotube 1 Views: 117

Heavenly Desire

01:28 The Seka Story
pornotube 2 Views: 259

The Seka Story

01:28 On White Satin
pornotube Views: 152

On White Satin

01:28 Seka's Lacy Affair 2
cumunction cumunction Turn on Aah .. seventies ...
pornotube 5 1 Views: 274

Seka's Lacy Affair 2

01:28 Any Time Any Place
pornotube Views: 200

Any Time Any Place

01:28 Ultra Flesh
pornotube Views: 123

Ultra Flesh

01:28 The Erotic World Of Seka
hotmom09 hotmom09 Turn on Is that Vanessa Del Rio?
pornotube 7 1 Views: 278

The Erotic World Of Seka

01:28 The Very Best Of Seka
wibbledibble wibbledibble Whatever Retro movie, with two girls making out while the guy watches, then they turn their attention to him. Looks like it was going to be a nice shared BJ - then it finished.......
pornotube 1 1 Views: 232

The Very Best Of Seka

01:28 The Seduction Of Seka
pornotube Views: 138

The Seduction Of Seka

01:30 Careful He May Be Watching
pornotube 3 Views: 188

Careful He May Be Watching

01:28 Steamin' Hot
pornotube Views: 95

Steamin' Hot

01:28 Seka Is Tara
pornotube 1 Views: 107

Seka Is Tara

01:28 Seduction Of Cindy
pornotube Views: 156

Seduction Of Cindy

01:28 Hot Shorts: Seka
pornotube 2 1 Views: 119

Hot Shorts: Seka

01:28 Showgirl Classics: Seka's Fantasies
wibbledibble wibbledibble Turn on Nice little retro masturbation and toy play. The vibe is big and she handles it very seductively, but I would have liked to have seen it make her cum, rather than being so ornamental. Video ends with …
pornotube 3 1 Views: 155

Showgirl Classics: Seka's Fantasies

01:30 Seka's Secrets
pornotube 1 Views: 111

Seka's Secrets

0:20 Classic Seka
pornhub Views: 339

Classic Seka

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