recent sauna visit

On a recent trip to Adelaide I was able to pay a visit to the sauna,
around lunch-time. It's a relatively small venue, not terribly busy, but
the guys there were so friendly!

In the steam room, one guy was lying on the slab, being pleasured by a
couple of others. I was only too willing to join in. One guy was
massaging his head and chest, another guy was working on his thighs - so
I took on the best bit - stroking and sucking his lovely penis.

Later, sitting on the bench in the steam room, I started working on
another guys dick. While I sucked him he gave me an amazing head,
shoulder and back massage. The mutual pleasuring was wonderful.

Went for a soak in the jacuzzi. There was a guy in there, with a small
but very erect penis. We played and kissed for quite some time. His dick
remained rock hard. I thought to myself, I need to get that inside me,
so we headed upstairs to one of the rooms, and continued mutual
pleasuring. Unfortunately, as soon as he got close to entering me, he
started going soft. I continued to suck and stroke him, until he shot
his load.

AS he left, I remained behind with the door open. I was laying on my
back with my knees up, just relaxing, when someone came in and started
fingering my hole. Before long he was fully finger-fucking me. I just
let myself go with the flow, enjoying his attention. Before long, I felt
the pressure begin to build as i jerked my little dick. And then it
happened - a massive orgasm. My whole body spasmed, cum sprayed

A wonderful climax to a great afternoon.
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