Babygirl RAW ( D/s )

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**** Old story just moving to an easier access.  NOTE : not real father daughter but a D/s couple with age difference who live the lifestyle of Domestic Discipline ************

Emptying the dishwasher, you stopped for a minute to admire your body in
the reflection off the kitchen window. “Not bad for a 28 year old” you
And giggled a bit as you knew how your husband teased you that you were still way too young to be called a MILF.

As the last spoon was put in the drawer you heard the front door open. You
rushed to greet your man coming home from work. Smiling you hugged him
quickly as he set his coat on the hanger in the closet. Embracing his 45
year old body, with the slightly graying hair and smile wrinkles around
his eyes you were so happy to be in his arms again.

“MMMM. And how was your day honey,” you asked.
“Really, really good.” He replied.
“Oh good, what happ …”
He was looking around sniffing the air. And your heart froze in your throat.
“I don’t smell dinner.” He growled.
“I am sorry! I got so …”
He didn’t say a word just pointed to the bedroom. Your eyes feel to the
floor and biting your bottom lip you headed to the bedroom.
Dropping your clothes as you went. Leaving a trail for him to follow to see you sitting on the edge of the bed completely naked.
looked up at him, brown eyes wide, innocent, puppy-dog look. Hoping to
make him forget the discipline you earned by being late with his dinner.

“Time to see if you have been practicing the exercise Daddy told you to
practice during the day while at work. Knees up baby girl,” you heard
him command.

Following his instructions you quickly lay back,
leaving just a bit of your ass hanging off the edge of the bed, pulled
your knees up to your breasts and held your thighs up so that your hips
lifted slightly off the bed. Your kitty wide open and vulnerable.

Then you felt him lean over you. Arms to either side of your body. His body
like a lever over yours, feet on the floor, and just the crown of his
Daddytoy at your opening.
An opening that was already wet and slick, in anticipation of your discipline. Eager to show him how good you have gotten.
“Daddy had a long day and doesn’t want to work baby girl, now show me how you learned to make things easier for him.”

Letting go of your thighs and grabbing him by the shoulders you started to lift your hips up higher.

Fucking up onto the Daddytoy feeling it pull your lips apart as you showed him all his little girl learned for him.
“Babygirl”, You could feel half his shaft disappearing inside of you.
“Loves”, You gripped down on your muscles squeezing his shaft.
“Daddy”, You let your hips fall still gripping his shaft as hard as you could from inside.
“BABYgirl, feeling your lips pooch in as he disappeared further inside of you.
“Looves”, Feeling the crown as your kitty muscles contracted around him.
“DADDY”, feeling the lips part yet try to grab onto the crown as your ass fell back slowly to the bed.

“Babygirl loves Daddy” You say over and over again, trusting your Daddy to count
for you as you concentrate and milking his tool.
Fucking up to your Daddy, so that he can have his pleasure after a long day work.
loves Dadddddidy”, you are hissing with pleasure from the slow loving
strokes of Daddy’s cock inside of you as you work for him.

And like always he kept count and loses control.
And just as the crown of his cock is leaving your kitty as your ass again falls almost onto the bed.

Daddy SLAMS into you hard, again and again.

Each thrust bouncing your breasts against your knees and driving the breath
away from you. HARD again, his pelvic bone slamming into your clit.

And then he stops and your eyes flash open … you almost came. But he is mean and mad, your Daddy.

SO you start up again. First as a whisper.
“Babygirl”, luxuriating in the slow invasion the length filling your further.
“loves”, squeezing and milking him, hoping to get his seed before he drives you wild.
“Dadddy”, sliding down, trying to pull the cum from your man.

Still going, getting louder, again and again. The slow loving strokes as you
hump up and lift to please your Sweet guardian. Your provider and
protector. Knowing he is doing this for you. Knowing he is counting.
Dreading the time when he …


then he is out, out completely. His head diving between your legs. His
hands roughly pushing on the underside of your thighs, lifting your hips
up higher and sucking on your swollen lips. Shoving his tongue inside,
licking up and down, nibbling on the sensitive skin just outside the
lips but not quite the thighs.

And as you are squirming against his face, he lifts up and positions himself again at your entrance.
“Continue baby girl”, he almost growls.
Oh Daddy is a bastard he did that to keep you cumming, to keep you on edge
while letting himself recover so he can stay in control and last

And you start to lift your hips up. Clench, slide down slowly milking your sweet mean Daddy. Again you lift up.

“You need the words sweetheart. I don’t want you passing out again from forgetting to breath. Say the words. Those don’t count.”

“Babygrrl”, you whisper.
“Loves”, you moan.
“Daddy”, you groooaaannn. As you cum around Daddy’s cock.
But you don’t let up. You know he won’t let you.
“Babygrl”, you thrust your hips up.
“Lorvs”, you slur as you start to cum again.
“Diddy”, you whimper as your orgasms start blending together into one long hum.

And Daddy trained you well. Through the orgasm, through the waves of
pleasure you keep up the pace. Pleasing your Daddy with the discipline
he instilled into you, the discipline he re-enforces with such pleasure.

He starts the slams again. The clit pounding breast rolling,
ball-slapping, ass bouncing hard fucks with no regard to your

“OPEN YOUR EYES” He Yells as he keeps pounding well past the required count.

You do looking into his, into the eyes of the man who loves his baby girl
so much. Crying and sobbing in continuous wave after wave of pain caused
by unending ecstasy.

You feel his hips lurch harder, watch his
back arch and his eyes widen, smell his sweat combined with the scent of
your lovemaking, taste the moment that you … hear him grunt as a warm
splash fills you deep inside and you are crying harder than ever.

As his body collapses onto yours, you bury your face into his shoulder and
sob hysterically. Feeling him wrap his arms around the top of your head
and pulling you in tighter. Holding your tear wracked frame close to
his as your legs relax and fall limply to either side of his.
He kisses you gently on the cheek and leaves a trail of kisses to your ear.

“Babygirl loves Daddy”, you whimper and sob.
“Daddy Love his baby girl most of all”, he whispers into your ear.

And you break. The cry of agony breaks across his shoulder and your fingers claw into his shoulder and back.

He had to take it that one step further, that one step that always rends your heart. And buries his control so deeply into you.

Crying uncontrollably now, you barely make out him repeating the words of the poem he wrote for you. For just you.

Shattered hearts
Combining our souls
We are one

“We are One” , you cry lifting your face off his shoulder and exclaim proudly into his eyes.


Tears halted, hearts slowing, you feel him wiping your face with the
t-shirt he had hastily removed during your passion. Taking his hand in
both of yours you kiss his knuckle and smile into his face.
“I might forget to cook dinner tomorrow too!”


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