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The little red circle on the envelope for mail has a number, but there are no unread messages showing.  With the new format, I can only scroll through 6-8 of the most current messages. I can't find the unread messages, if there are any.  How do I reset the counter it if there are none or how do I find them if there are?


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    Use the mobile version of the site. The messaging system has more functionality there (it was built for mobile and I'm guessing that's why it doesn't work on the desktop version).
  • how do I delete messages. I have one that was a spam message and keeps coming over and over and I want to delete it. but don't seem to be able to in the new message environment.
  • I don't have the space on my phone to download the app and I want to see all my messages, not just the latest one.
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    @rebelram You can't delete messages. At most, you can hide them, but only in the mobile version.

    @whiteslaver You don't need to download the app. Just open http://m.fantasti.cc/ in any browser and you can see all your messages there. If you use it in a desktop be warned that the messaging system is designed to be used on a touch screen and it's kind of terrible to control with a mouse (I'm guessing that's one of the reasons it doesn't work on the desktop version at all).
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