hello, Just wondering why I have been banned from the chat room, with no explanation of what I have done wrong. I have been a loyal member of this site for years and I have never been abusive to anyone on this site. The only thing I can think of was that I asked people on the chat room to view my pics on my page, ones that I own and weren't even pornographic. I this is the case I'm very sorry and would like the ban lifted. Yours sincerely Jerry


  • @jerryjackson Have you been banned or only kicked out? Technically speaking, a 'kick' is a 1-minute ban, which leads to confusions. Have you tried to log in again?
  • ive been banned and the error message is: This user name or IP address is banned
  • That's a ban alright. Sorry, then. I have checked the records I have available and your name is not on them, so you'll have to find the chat admin that banned you.
  • just asking this, if you have been banned for whatever reason, how can you speak to the chat admin who banned you ?

    Let me know the answer.  

  • abbey,
    couple things on this

    if inadapto can't find the records it is likely actually error message.  I get that now and then but about an hour later my IP address is not banned anymore.  I have no clue why.  Something like the "authorization denied"

    As far as who the chat admin who banned you :
    1 ) there are two types of admins -- Gold dress ( or pants ) and Red Dress.
    The gold admin can't ban, they can only warn, kick, freeze.  It takes a Red admin to ban.  If you have been signed off ( kicked from chat ) and then suddenly you get that message?  You should know who did that to you.
    2 ) You can send a message to Support http://fantasti.cc/user/support/ or email support@fantasti.cc
    They will check with the admins, and then let you know who to discuss issues with.  I presume if no admin replies they banned you within a set amount of time, support could assume it was an error.
    But I won't confirm that as policy.  Just common sense.
    From there you can send the admin a message and try to work it out.
  • I'm not having any luck with support responding, its been nearly 3 weeks since I was banned from chat for no reason or explanation. This is the error I receive accessing chat: 'This nickname or IP address is banned'
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