Chatroom Comments Thread.

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Dear User,

This thread is here for you to post any comments, concerns or complaints you may have about the chatroom.

Some pointers:

1.  If you are here to appeal a ban, please note that your comments will not be formally addressed in this thread.  If you wish a review of your situation, please send an inbox message to @support who will be able to formally take your request for appeal further.  Please be aware that your ban may still be allowed to stand, regardless of any appeal that has been made.

2.  Please be polite to one another.  Any namecalling will be edited out.  Any blatantly inflammatory or trollish comments may be subject to deletion.  In that same vein, the Mods and Admins are not here to be abused.  Constructive criticism is fine; abuse is out.

3.  Moderators and Administrators are not obliged to answer you in this thread.  Again, if you feel that your situation should be reviewed, please inbox @support for help.  If you just wish to vent, then do so, but be aware that there may not be a reply from the Moderating team in return.

4.  Any comments of the type previously found in "A Place To Air Your Concerns About The Chatroom" should not be put into other threads now that the old thread has met its end and this new thread is not going to be allowed to turn into a breeding ground for trolls.  If such comments do find their way anywhere other than this thread, they will be deleted.

5.  We are aware that this thread will have the tendency to ramble and drift, as it is a very broad topic.  However, the editors of the forum will delete any comments which are completely irrelevant. 

6.  Please remember that this is a privately owned site.  As such, mutterings about "the right to free speech" or any other perceived "rights", and lamentations about the "lack of democracy" will likely be ignored.  The use of this site is a privilege, not a "right".

Thank you.



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    Can somebody help me  de-activate my a/c plzz...i tried...did not work. May be scarlet, taf & Ossie can help.  ALL THE BEST SNAKE,NAIF & SUPPORT... thanks for being a part of ur site. Plzz help me close & de-activated a/c coz i still receive messages from freinds but  am unable to talk 2 them. Prolly my last message ....All the best Taf,Ossie,scarlet & now Hoots...tooo)
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    Sami: http://fantasti.cc/settings/ bottom right. Not sure why it wouldn't have worked. Also don't understand why you can't reply to messages from friends?
  • @sami2010 If you wish us to disable or completely delete your account please send us a mail to support@fantasti.cc and we will do it for you. Please keep in mind it cannot be undone, unlike deactivating.
  • @support
    i have been banned since almost 8 months...i may not hv been decent in d chat rooms but 8 months?? come on...plz look into this
  • Happybirthdayleo have you tried to get back into the chatroom again? If you are able to return to the chat be aware that the same rules apply and if you dont follow them you could be banned again.
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    @happybirthdayleo In the past three years you have been banned on at least 5 occasions for breaking the PM rule after complains from other users. The reports are consistent and there is no indication of wrongdoing. You are now permanently banned from the chat room.
  • Confused as to my ban?
  • Hi I am writing to you today because I dont know what else to do. I was in the chat room and a member continued to pm me. When I blocked him, he made a new account. When I tried to report this to pixie, she ignored me and told me not to pm her(obv. not my intention to bother someone). I then proceded to scold the person in the main room. I said " Stop being an asshole and pming me"  In response to this, I was issued a warning. ME, the one being threatened with rape. When I brought this up in the chat room that I was being harrassed, pixie once again spoke down to me and said "Two wrongs dont make a right" My response was "If you were doing your job to protect users I wouldnt have to respond this way" She then kicked me off of the site.

    When I was able to sign back in, I came into a conversation involving pixie(admin), ossie(admin), and julie_sub talking about how one of their "boy toys" had his dick bitten off by one of their dogs and it was buried in the back yard. I proceded to say "I think it's very strange what conversations and comments the mods will allow in the main room" After my comment, I was immediately kicked from the room again.    

    Please help me, I will be sending this message to every admin on the site.
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    angrylady: macqueen, did i ask you to pm me?

    iceman1980 joined the room.

    wickedtongue4u: nathaliecd: slutty?? NEVER thought of you as that, dam

    romanoff: Hi Desy

    angrylady: or do you just like being an asshole that doesnt follow the rules

    jmd0034: angrylady: may i pm you?

    angrylady: ossie please kick macqueen for constantly bothering me

    redwood130: i wouldnt say slutty..id say exotic...lol

    wickedtongue4u ducks, waiting for crap to fly

    angrylady has been warned by pixie.

    iceman1980 left the room. (Logged out)

    pixie lets not be calling people assholes,ok

    james123773 joined the room.

    chromehawk: actually angry not only an asshole but a pretty clueless one. I mean unasked for PM AND to someone who has angry in her name?

    angrylady: so a guy pms me without permission and tells me all the ways he wants to fuck me

    chromehawk has been warned by pixie.

    throb90 left the room. (Logged out)

    pixie same goes for u

    angrylady: and I'm the one that gets warned

    angrylady: real smart

    i dont see where u asked for any help in there,or that u were being harrassed.

    i suggest u learn how 2 tell the truth cuz liars dont get well recieved in here.

    have a nice day

  • Angrylady I would suggest next time anything like this happens to you that you save your chat log and send it to support. Without evidence we really cant do anything.
  • Apparently someone calling me a liar because they conveniently leave out the private message I sent to them is not considered slander and a breach of rules. 

    I am asking you all to rethink how you choose your admins. They are making rulings based on favoritism and the cliquey nature of the chatroom is very destructive. Please explain to me why it is perfectly fine for pixie and her friends to have a chat in the main room about sex with each other and about a dog biting off the genitalia of another person but if I say the word asshole, it deserves a warning. The whole point of your rules is that if ANY chat subject matter is deemed offensive to people, then it shouldn't be allowed. It's sad that the admins can show such blatent favoritism and your only response is "oh well that's just the way it is"
  • @angrylady If a user has been harassing you please send us the chat logs or any other evidence to support@fantasti.cc and we will investigate it. Thanks.
  • Re: Angrylady's Issue.

    I was present in the chatroom when the 'event' occurred, and I saw no request from AL for assistance from the Mod that was present.

    I also take exception to the view that light-hearted banter , some of which can get fairly extreme, is the same as flaming or abuse..  They are clearly not and anybody offended by the sort of ridicule that gets passed amongst various individuals should probably join a knitting or cooking chatroom.  Let is all remember that it is a chatroom, for God's sake.

    And finally, I am saddened when some folk cannot resist from assuming or stating that there is a conspiracy by Mods and Admins to personally shaft specific indviduals... always meaning the 'complainant'. As a long term community member, my strong view is that such opinions are pointless, and generally wrong. Whilst the Mod/Admin group all have 'off-days', when the Real World intervenes, they are generally patient and fair to those who treat them with a little respect for attempting to make this Community of Deviants, Fakes, Attentionwhores, Perverts and Weirdos a more enjoyable place.

    Rant done.  !!

  • A discussion came up in Chat about where the appropriate pictures to link should be.

    In General Smutty or Fantasti are obviously best.

    But sometimes Smutty gives a 404 message.  So we link the actual picture, yet that picture source ( from clicking on it ) could be from somewhere like tumblr/

    Also there are some inconsitencies in implementation ... i.e. some people mods allow tumblr photos some don't.  Some allow links to a SPECIFIC photo but not someone's profile there ( seems like good common sense ).

    I think we need a list of approved sites and practices across moderators.

    And of course a quick cut and paste on how to get the picture from the location ONTO smutty ;)

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    @chromehawk In principle sites like Tumblr are not forbidden, but it depends on things like the contents of the picture, who posted it, on which purpose, if the links are flooding the room, etc. Still, we will take into consideration to create a specific list of approved sites so there are less confusion.
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    @chromehawk, just a couple technical notes re posting links in the chatroom. I've noticed 2 recurring errors:

    1) oftentimes the chat script inserts a <SPAN> code at the end of the link, thereby rendering the link unclickable. The fix for this is to type a space or two after pasting and before hitting the enter button.

    2) when HTTPS links are added, they are also non-clickable. Usually changing it to HTTP fixes the problem.
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    *** NOTE ***

    I've removed ALL comments from the past two days and a few from before because they were a) for the most part inappropriate, and b) unrelated to the topic. We will no longer tolerate arguments like this. Next time we will ban the participants instead of just removing the comments. If you want to continue quarrelling please do it so in private with either the forum or the website private messaging tools (instructions on both in the FAQ). Thanks.
  •  image revoltoof -1 years, 12 months ago.
    He is a 38 years old married, open-minded male 
    To Pixie and Fsbree (site operators): Let people have fun and express their opinion freely, pls!...Free your mind...!

    I got this e-mail from a chatter today which is very obviously not for my attention.  Either this user is mailing everyone with this message (which i doubt you want), or he is confused when sending mail.  Either way, its not for me.....nor do i agree with the content.  Both Pixie and Fsbree are great and allow all of us to express opinions freely.

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    Thanks Julie.
  • Julie I think he is someone who doesn't like having to follow the chatroom rules like everyone else. He does not understand that this is a privately owned site and rules have been set by the owners so free speech is not an option in the public domain. I believe he is randomly sending messages to site members in an effort to discredit both Pixie and Bree who are both wonderful moderators/Admin.

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