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    Brela Accommodation - Find place to stay
    Brela is a source of beauty - indeed, thanks to dense pine forests, nice beaches, clear seawater, sources of potable water, Brela has been known for decades as one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Dalmatia.
    Beautiful, luxuriant pine forests are located close to nice pebble beaches. Brela also offers a nicely arranged coastal promenade and a number of excellent restaurants with seafood. Accommodation facilities are of the highest quality, and, according to opinion polls, the hotels in Brela rank among the best in Croatia. Apart from swimming and bathing, Brela also offers a number of sports and recreational opportunities: tennis, boccia, miniature golf, table tennis, water sports. Local restaurants offer exquisite specialities of local and international cuisine. Cultural and entertainment programs are offered during the tourist season. Excursions are also regularly organized. BRELA, a town in central Dalmatia, situated on the Makarska Riviera, at the foot of Biokovo.
    The town was also called Donja Brela (Lower Brela). Hot summers are moderated by landward breeze. The air temperature in the autumn and winter months is considerably lower due to the fierce bora ("vruljska"). Economy is based on farming, viticulture (Breljanska Vugava, Prosek, a kind of port wine); major crops being olives and sour cherries (Maraska).
    The town of Berulia, mentioned also by Constantine Porphyrogenitus (10th c.), emerged at this location. The present town developed in recent times by migration of the population from small villages and hamlets under Biokovo Mountain. The parish church from the 19th century was built on the location of an earlier Baroque church; next to the cemetery is the mediaeval necropolis with eight tombstones adorned with reliefs (shields and swords). The church houses several tombstones from the 18th century.

    Nature sights      

    The rock "Kamen Brela"

    The symbol of this adriatic pearl which is a part of a beautifull pebble beach and yet somehow secluded, makes for an image any visitor is sure to remember.
    There are numerous legends about how this rock found it's place right here, but in any case it's quite a unique occurance.

    The Punta Rata beach is the most beautiful beach in Brela which attracts everyone with crystal clear sea and the shade of centuries old pines. Vruja A magnificent place where clifs dive into the sea to depths more than 100m.
    Unfortunatelly, none of the numerous attempts to identify the exact depth of the water spring were successful.


    Vruja is a system of water springs or even a part of river Cetina which goes under ground somewhere in the dalmatian hinterland and comes out right here creating a fascinating location for divers. Big flocks of fish that gather here to feed and reproduce create images equal to those one is used to see in stories about the Red sea. IT is exactly because of that why each new dive onemakes here is so uncertain and interesti
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