Keeping It On The Tracks

So, I find myself taking a trip into London, as I board the train, the carriage is empty. I had been feeling horny all day, as you had sent me a picture of your hard erect cock. Seeing that turned me on so much. Let alone the thought of me sucking on it hard, running my tongue over the tip, where it’s smooth and juicy - juicy with pre-cum. 
As I sat there alone in the carriage, I began to slide my hand along the inside of my thigh. My stockings feeling soft and silky, my pussy throbbing deep inside, so needed a fuck right now but know I wasn’t going to get that until later that night. I needed to touch myself. I couldn’t wait anymore, no-one was around, the next station was 10 minutes away. Would I have time to slide my fingers under my thong to feel just how wet my pussy was? I just had to, couldn’t stop my hand from sliding further up my thigh, inside and up to my panties, could feel they were moist already, I breathed in sharply as my fingers felt my hot wet pussy.
Man, I was so horny, so wet, so juicy, such a waste of a juicy tasty pussy. Could I take the chance and touch my clit before anyone else got on the train. Hell, I had to it was hard and throbbing, it was wet, my pussy lips were swollen, my fingers slide inside, my legs open wide, one leg on the seat beside me, the other still with my foot on the floor. God, I hoped no-one would enter my carriage, I so needed to lay down and play with my pussy, feel my clit, rub it, touch it, run my fingers through my soft pink pussy lips and slip them inside, reaching for that g-spot, rubbing hard. I pulled out my fingers and slowly slipped one inside my mouth, I tasted so good. Licking off the juices on my finger made me so fucking horny, my fingers went straight back to my clit, rubbing, moaning gently at the sensations ripping through my pussy, now I know why I wear stockings - so sexy, so open, so free. Just then I realised we were pulling into the next station.
I sat up and straightened my skirt, it had risen up around my hips. Hell, I hoped no-one would realise what I had been doing and as the train pulled up at the station, a cheeky smile was on my lips, a few seconds more and I wouldn’t have noticed the train slowing, my body was beginning to spasm. 
My pussy still throbbing, still needing a touch, a tongue, a rub, so needing to cum hard. At that thought, the door of the carriage opened and two girls entered the carriage followed by five guys, at least. Not really looking to see who had entered the carriage, as my mind was firmly on a hot wet spot between my legs and an image of a hard erect cock, ouzing pre-cum!!!
I suddenly hear someone calling my name, the person in the seat in front of me was leaning forward and touching my knee, hell, it was you!!!!!!   Well long time no see!!!!! As I sat there, feeling so fucking horny, I knew that if you knew what I had been doing, not 30 seconds before, then you would want to know all the details. Looking you straight in the eyes, my dark horny eyes, a sexy smile on my lips, my tongue just tipping out to run over my top lip. I crossed my legs and as I did so, my skirt slid up. I could see your eyes move to my legs, I knew that you must be able to see the top of my stockings under my short skirt. You could almost see the cheeks of my ass too. You look back at me and smile. I was so horny and I wanted to make you horny too.
Uncrossing my legs slowly, I could see you still looking towards my legs, I kept them open for a few seconds more than I should, teasing you. You could see my panties covering my wet pussy but you don’t know how wet it is!!! Bearing in mind the carriage is now full, I lean forward to take your hand and say “Hi”. As you take my hand you raise it to your mouth to kiss it, as you do, I notice you stop and take in the scent on my fingers. Still looking into your eyes, I smile and mouth to you "I want to fuck your brains out". You can tell that my fingers have been playing with my horny wet pussy!
I can see that caused a reaction in your pants. I so want to suck you off and taste you, rub all that pre-cum over my lips, so want you to be holding my head gently but firmly against your groin as I take your cock deep into my mouth. As you let go of my hand, I drop it slowly so that it gently brushes over your cock and along your thigh I can feel your cock is firm but not yet rock hard.
With a mischievous sexy smile, I mouth back at you "I want you to fuck my ass" But hell, we are on a train with loads of people around. As we stop at the next station, everyone in our carriage gets off the train. With the carriage now empty, I eagerly drop to the floor in front of you, kneeling down, my hands sliding up your thighs, you looking down at me. I straight away unzip your pants, my hands slide inside to feel your hot firm cock, as my hand slips in further, I feel your balls, squeezing them with my soft hands, so want to suck on your balls, to taste you. Taking your cock in my hand I begin stroking it slowly, gently, can feel it hardening under my touch. As i'm in front of you, you look down and see my blouse gaping open, my full breasts showing. Your hands reach to slide inside my bra, I breathe in sharply and moan as I feel your hand cupping my breasts, your thumb and fore-finger rubbing my nipple.
My mouth reaches for your hard cock, my hand still stroking it, stroking it harder. My tongue flicks over the tip, tasting your juices, you watch as my mouth covers your cock and I suck on it hard. You moan as you feel your cock being pulled deeper into my mouth, your hand over my head helping me move up and down, your hips pushing your cock deep into my mouth.   I know you want me to be a good girl and take you deep into my throat and as I do I look up at you, your cock easing down my throat.
As I slide off your cock, you gently move me to the floor of the carriage so that I'm on all fours. Lifting up my skirt and pushing it back over my ass, you pull down my thong, it’s round my knees. As you pull your pants down to your knees, I can feel your warm hard cock just touching my ass cheeks. Fuck, I need you to fuck me hard. Your hands on the cheeks of my ass just pulling them apart, I'm moaning gently and breathing quickly at the anticipation of your cock in my ass. Then I'm pleasantly surprised to feel your tongue licking at my ass. You pull my ass cheeks further apart as your tongue probes deeper and deeper inside. Making me want you so much, wanting you to make me cum, cum hard. My own hand reaches to my clit, it’s hot, wet and sticky. Putting my finger in my mouth again I suck on my juices, before sliding them back into my wet pussy. I feel your tongue on my fingers and know that you are reaching for my pussy, licking from my clit, slowly deeply back through my pussy lips to my asshole. 
As your tongue leaves my ass, I feel your hard cock resting at the entrance to my ass, you holding my hips pulling me against you as you slide in your hard throbbing cock. I gasp loudly at the first push of your cock in my ass, I hear you moaning, enjoying the sound escaping my lips as you know I'm going to enjoy every inch of your cock as you slowly push deeper into my tight ass. Moaning loudly, with every pump deep in my tight ass. “Fuck me baby.... fuck me hard”. I'm pushing back against you now, wanting you deeper, deeper, taking the rhythm from you and taking over as I move my body, my ass back against you harder, harder. As you withdraw, you ram your cock straight into my pussy, fuck it feels so deep, my muscles begin to tighten around your cock, my pussy dripping with juices, both yours and mine. Can feel your balls slapping against my thighs and clit, you are so fucking horny, you are such a dirty horny boy. 
With your cock now covered in pre-cum and my wet sticky pussy juices, you pull away from me. I turn immediately and suck hard on your cock, licking off all those juices, licking you clean, so tasty. My lips and mouth covered in sticky hot juices, sucking on you hard, sucking your balls, feeling them hard, knowing you are gonna cum soon, sliding a finger under your balls, rubbing that pressure spot, teasing your asshole. Sucking those balls deep into my mouth, I hear you groaning at the pleasure that brings.   Taking hold of your cock in my hand I rub the tip over my mouth and lips, so juicy still. As I sit up a bit further I take my breasts in my hands and with them take hold of your cock, giving you a tit fuck, licking the tip as it comes closer to my mouth as my breasts move up any down your cock. I can see more pre-cum on the tip, you are moaning, moaning, asking me to suck you hard, I know your gonna cum soon.
I wank you harder and harder and as I look down you shoot your load all over my mouth and chin, loads of hot sticky spunk, spurt after spurt. So much that it’s dripping down my chin onto my breasts. As you relax I can see your cock twitching, it’s so sensitive, I reach my tongue out and gently lick over the tip. You shudder at the feeling, as my breasts release your cock, your hands reach out to my breasts and rub in all your spunk juices all over my full breasts, over my hard nipples. 
But baby you know I still need to cum, so laying me back down on the floor of the carriage, you bend your head to my wet pussy. You breathe in the hot horny smell of my juices, taking hold of my ass cheeks your head goes straight to my pussy lips. Your tongue flicking through my lips and up to my clit. Your mouth sucking on my clit hard, your teeth just biting gently, making me fucking moan. Your finger reaches inside my pussy, fucking me hard with your fingers, first one, then two, then three, then four, yea baby! Your mouth still kissing my pussy lips, licking me harder, sucking my clit, as I begin to orgasm, I feel my muscles tighten, my whole body shuddering, as orgasm after orgasm explodes within. Your head pushed hard against my pussy and clit as I cum over your face, squirting my juices over your mouth. We both notice that the train is slowing, we have reached the next station.
You quickly get up and do up your pants. Pulling me up, I straighten my skirt, my legs still sticky and wet and pull on my shirt. I can’t find my thong, where the hell is it? As the train stops the carriage door opens, shit where is my thong, as I turn I see it on the floor, still with a wet patch in the middle. I grab them quickly and put them in my pocket, hoping that no-one noticed.
Sitting opposite each other, we look at each other and smile. As our breathing, still fast but slowing, gives away what we have been doing.
ã Red Rose 2004


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