Imagine You Are In Your Happy Place

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What makes you happy?  Describe it or post a picture or video.
Maybe it's cake.

Maybe it's tropical fish.

Or, like in my case, it's eating your lunch off of this guy's chest.


  • Doc, strawberry cakes, tropical fish and little boys with WWII buckets on their heads are fine, but what makes me happy is a warm pussy.  Just plan and simple.  Kinda like these.  Do you know where I might be able to find one of those?
  • I can promise you this................Me having a coffee in a Starbucks with Doc
    down in Tucson ............Well, let me put it this way,
    There's no way I could possibly be sad.....................seriously
  • Furry, for once I agree with you.  Sharing a cup of Starbucks with Doc would be great.
  • Gate,  I'll have that kinda coffee anywhere.................great pic
  • Don't ya just wanna see how much of that green can be consumed in say, an evening or two?
    That picture makes me happy Gatorrrrr.
    So does this one:
  • Ya know I'm not keeping score or anything like that, but Gaterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I think that was at least the second time you agreed with me
    no??????...................Oh shit the "control" boys are coming after me again.................Save me Doc
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    Doc, if I had the pleasure of consuming it with you I'dmake sure we had enough to last WAY more than an evening or two.
    Then I would truly be in a "happy place".
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    If this discussion  is about a happy place, here is one of my inspirations
        On a specific bus route to my folks home in the Ozarks the bus travels from Little Rock, AR to Springfield, MO along US 65. South of Harrison AR the hiway travels thru the Black River Valley before winding thru the Ozark Mountains. The Mountains are really just ravines and bluffs carved out of the Ozark Plateau by Glaciers. In the Black River Valley are these hills and "mounds" which signify the most southern reaches of the glaciers - where they dumped their debris and soil picked up on the way south.     I was looking to the west in the evening bus ride and saw these mounds looking like a  "Rubenesque Reclining Nude" and the clouds that seemed to touch the crests as a "Billowing sugar teat inviting me to suckle nestled in the bosum of Mother Earth".  
     I cant help being a romantic wolfie
  • My happy place is in PBJ's arms. 
  • You'll have to imagine it's next Friday then Aries .. 
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    Other stuff that makes me happy:
    -seeing the face of a person I think is a pretty cool dude (Hi Gatorrrrrrr!)
    -watching all 24 episodes from Season Two of "24" over the span of three days
    -kitty licking my toes
    -finding new bands to like
    -reading Dr. Seuss books aloud
    -reading what makes other people happy
  • Doc, the word "wangst" still puts a smile on my face .. lol
  • Mine too.  What ever happened to the "Having a really great orgasm makes me sad" thread?  I liked it.  It made me happy.  LOL
    -finding the perfect new pair of Chuck Taylors
    -shiny stuff like glitter
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    My new happy place would have to be Doc's bat cave.
  • Reading Doc's post makes me happy :)
  • -A really nice, fresh cup of coffee.
    -Listening to Bill Hicks - What a Big Fucking Lizard Lord!

  • Had to go back to my happy place...
  • Oh Doc please :\  Keep your bf in the closet. 
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    He might be gay or he might not be.
    As far as I'm concerned, he's awesome eye candy and makes me feel like Christmas morning.
    If you menfolk are going to be all porn minded and talk about tits, I can certainly express my appreciation for this guy's hairy chest, perfect tan, rippling stomach, the way the hair on his pelvis goes down uh...                                                                                                                        h
  • Aw, what's a dumb ass red neck or hick like me know about things such as all that?  He's very purdy Doc  :)
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